Attachments for Drill Rigs

Rotary Heads

DELMAG rotary heads can be used with a Kelly bar to drill cased and non-cased piles, with a CFA auger or with part and full displacement tools.

For every DELMAG drill rig offers ABI appropriate rotary head. Technical data are available in the particular drill rig brochures.

Kelly Bars

ABI offers for all drill rigs a wide range of suitable Kelly bars.

The DELMAG Kelly bar, a telescopic drilling rod, is used for kelly drilling works to transfer the torque and pre-stressing forces to the auger tool.

The length of the Kelly bar and the auger defines the maximal reachable drilling depth. The selection of the right Kelly bar depends on:

• drilling depth
• stroke of the crowd system
• inner diameter of the rotary head
• outer diameter of the connection piece.